Corporate Responsibility


A Fair Partner
At Progressive Enterprises we are proud to have long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers across the primary industries sector. This is both beneficial to us but also to our customers as it allows us to always have the highest quality products.

Animal Welfare
Progressive Enterprises is committed to improving animal welfare and we continue to work with our suppliers to raise the bar.

We source our Countdown 100% free-farmed pork from Patoa Farms in North Canterbury. This means all the pigs are born outside, and are raised in the most natural way possible. Patoa Farms has earned SPCA approval and PigCare accreditation.

All our own brand* Macro chicken is free range and sourced from accredited farms.

While our customers are increasingly choosing free range, caged eggs are an affordable option for a lot of our customers and we endeavor to provide products on shelves that reflect these shopping preferences.

We do not use animal testing in our own brand products.

Genetically Modified Food
We fully comply with FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) prescribed mandatory labelling requirements for our own brand products, so that our customers have the information to choose the products they purchase. For further information visit

Responsible Service of Alcohol
As a responsible business in New Zealand, Progressive Enterprises recognises our obligation to the community for the responsible and legal sale of alcoholic products.

As a retailer of beer and wine, we take our responsibility seriously, and we aim to be the industry leader in responsible service of these products. It’s our aim to set a positive example to our customers and to other businesses by complying with and, where appropriate, exceeding legislative requirements.

All beer and wine purchases in our supermarkets are authorised by a supervisor and our team check for ID, possible intoxication and secondary supply before completing a sale.

Click here to view our Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy.

We strongly support initiatives aimed at reducing the take up rate of smoking, and we take the responsibility of selling tobacco seriously and ensure the sale of tobacco products is strictly regulated across all retail outlets. It is an offence to supply tobacco products to a person under 18 years of age. It is also our policy to check ID for anyone who appears under 25 years of age.

We also work to limit exposure to tobacco smoke in our workplaces. We have a smoke-free policy in the workplace for employees, customers, contractors and visitors to our stores, distribution centres and support offices.

Need help to quit smoking? Call the Quitline 0800 778 778.

Health & Safety
We are is committed to protecting the safety, health and welfare of its employees, customers, contractors, visitors and the community.

Click here to view our health and safety committments.

Donations (political)

Progressive Enterprises aims to keep governments and other important stakeholders informed about our activities. The company participates openly, honestly and transparently in public policy development to represent the best interests of our business, our employees, our customers and our shareholders.

*Own brand refers to all Countdown, Select, Homebrand, Macro, and Signature Range branded products.